About Jo

Tell us about you?

I’m 48, born summer of 69   The majority of my career has been spent working in IT in London but always using yoga as my tool to restore balance. I have several years experience of teaching yoga both in the corporate environment and in yoga studios and am qualified as a Yoga Therapist with Yoga Campus. I have quit the IT job to fully focus on helping and supporting people with their yoga journey and how to use yoga as a therapy to help many mind and body disorders. I have more time for myself and my family and friends. Food is a great pleasure, shopping locally – boycotting the supermarkets wherever possible and generating less waste in the process. Love teaching in Guildford and then shopping in the market. The regular cry of ‘get your bananas’ or ‘oy oy I’ve got pak choi’ always making me smile. Focus on what makes you smile – that’s one of my mantras.

Where are you from & what are your hobbies?  

Born Kingston upon Thames. Lived in Molesey then moved to Addlestone before moving to Woking, then Surbiton, then Lingfield and finally now settling (for now..) in Compton. Have a strong yearning to live in Dorset. Love Lyme Regis. Frequently take trips down to visit the bakery, eat unlimited hot buttered sourdough toast and then take a long and often blustery stroll along the Jurassic coast. Hobbies include growing veg, all things vintage/mid century, art and design, vinyl records, gin and some baking. Other hobbies include my classic 924S Porsche called Pamalarrrr. Pinstripe interior (very 80s) and Bryan Adams on repeat play on the cassette player. 

How did you start yoga?

Yoga was mentioned in the first beauty book I was given at about aged 13 from St Michael – The New Beauty Book by Alexandra Cruickshank and I was curious so I then bought The Book of Yoga by The Sivananda Yoga Centre and started to explore more.

Aged 16, I took classes with Barbara Currie and Ruth White and have been practising regularly ever since and not only when on my mat, I find myself sitting on the floor at every opportunity. I feel better in my body, mind and spirit every day as a result of my regular and committed yoga practice including meditation. Yoga is a priority. My body needs it. My mind enjoys it and my spirit sours. Limited hero poses, just simple and experimental yoga that my body loves. Finding what feels good. Introducing yoga to teenagers is a particular interest of mine and how they can use yoga and mindfulness as a tool to help them through these often fairly turbulent years.

What’s your favourite pose?  

Savasana. Love coming down to the earth. Feeling connected with the earth.  Feeling safe and supported whilst focusing on the breath, Feeling the body breathed by the breath.