Yoga for back pain

A sequence designed to help if you are suffering with chronic back pain, stiffness or just wish to ensure your back remains healthy and aligned enabling you to age gracefully.  
Objective: A down dog free practice for your whole body but with specific focus on the back. Improve alignment and mobility and explore alleviating pain through the practice of yoga and restorative yoga. Learn techniques that you can incorporate into your everyday lives away from the mat.  ducate the brain to know more about your body, improving body mapping and start to change your patterning and behaviour through a mindful and intelligent yoga practice.  
Whether you are new to yoga or an improver, this workshop is suitable for all levels.
Topics covered will include;
  • The anatomy of the spine
  • Hyper and hypo mobility of the lumbar and the thoracic
  • Correct pelvis, rib cage and head alignment
  • Active restorative exercise
  • Fascia release
  • Asanas for specific back pain conditions including herniated discs, scoliosis, upper and lower cross syndrome, sacroiliac joint dysfunction and sciatica
  • Exploring safe back bending- Creating arches not angles
  • Deep restoration
  • The theory content will be inter-woven into the physical practice.  This will be a gentle and flowing practice followed by deep restoration where you submerge into a state of wholeness, promoting healing.  Both flow and restore elements of the workshop will have many hands on assists and adjusts. 
“You have to learn how to listen to your body, going with it and not against it, avoiding all effort or strain and centering your attention on that very delicate point, the back of the waist (where the spine moves in two opposite directions)” – Vanda Scaravelli
Please note: The information provided during this workshop is not intended to substitute for medical advice. If in doubt, please consult with a qualified medical professional about introducing yoga as a complimentary therapy for any pre-existing condition.
Regrettably, this workshop is not suitable if you are in acute pain.
“I thought the workshop was fab – would highly recommend it to anyone. It really helped me and my back felt amazing afterwards.” – Anna 
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