Nourishing mind and body using yoga, yoga therapy and mindfulness as your tool to find what feels good

Live your life - live your truth - live your true life and truly live.

Our fast paced lives disconnecting us from ourselves and we are suffering stress, anxiety and/or depression because of our heightened state of awareness.  

Find your way back to some degree of normality through a regular and committed yoga practice.

Strengthen the quality of the breath and breathe with awareness.

Move your body and create intelligent shapes resulting in improved strength and mobility.

Explore finding challenging and satisfying stretches thereby removing stress from the body and calming your mind.

Rest and renew through the quieter practice of restorative yoga, relaxation, mindfulness and meditation helping to promote healing and rehabilitation.

Find what feels good

Encouraging you to develop your own yoga aligned to your needs. No judgment, no competition. Real yoga for real bodies. Practise within your safe limits as your individual needs are fully accommodated whether you choose 1:1 yoga/yoga therapy or group classes.

Jo is a yoga teacher, a yoga therapist, a teen yoga teacher, a keen biomechanist and experienced in functional movement and somatics. Let go of perfection and understand how you, your mind and your body can find balance. Move how nature intended with steadiness and ease.

Improve your physiological state.  Lower blood pressure and improve/alleviate many functional disorders including fibromyalgia, irritable bowl syndrome (IBS), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), digestive disorders, menstrual discomfort and fertility issues.

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“As you start to walk on the way – the way appears”  – Rumi

Jo is a British Wheel of Yoga and Teen Yoga registered teacher. Registered with the Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council as a Yoga Therapist and is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Fully insured with British Wheel of Yoga, DBS, safeguard and first aid certified.

Natural light studio photography by Emily W Photography.


Hatha – Traditional yoga.  Mindful movement with awareness.

Vinyasa Flow – Fun, fluid, rhythmic and energising. Improving strength, flexibility and mobility.

Restorative – Deeply therapeutic, rest and renew.


Workshops are therapy focused. Therapeutic yoga is slower and movement is pain free. Through therapeutic yoga you can alleviate chronic pain and learn techniques to prevent future pain and suffering.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is conducted 1 on 1. A personalised yoga practice is devised that focuses on your individual needs.

Each session includes viniyoga and deep restoration.  Inducing calm and promoting healing in both mind and body.

Teen Yoga

Drop in – Creative yoga that will make you smile.

6 Week Course – Can be undertaken in the school environment.

Beat exam stress workshop – Overcomes stress, depression and anxiety. Thrive and achieve your best.


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