Nourishing mind and body using yoga, yoga therapy and mindfulness as your tools to improve health and wellbeing

Courses and Workshops


Improving strength, flexibility, stability and mobility.  Benefit the body and the psyche with the ancient wisdom of yoga.

Courses in traditional hatha yoga for beginners, yoga in the work place and mindfulness available.

Workshops are therapeutic with a stronger focus on the anatomical, physiological, phycological and philosophical aspects of your yoga practice. All workshops include restorative yoga - rest and renew.

Yoga in Healthcare

Doctor or physician writing diagnosis and giving a medical prescription to female Patient

The Yoga In Healthcare Alliance (Yoga4Health) Programme is an NHS endorsed 10 week course to lower stress and improve relaxation skills thereby improving mental health, and help people with pre-diabetes, obesity, patients at risk of heart disease or anyone wishing to connect with others and improve their wellness and wellbeing.

Available either via your GP, local social prescribing service as an onward referral route or self referral.

Teen Yoga

teen yoga

Fun, fluid, rhythmic. De-stress and re-energise, calm and soothe.

Adopting a whole school approach where possible. Providing both a course for the teens and yoga classes for the teachers. Educating the teens how to develop greater resilience and achieve more whilst being less judgemental of themselves and others. Proven to improve the teenager's mental and emotional states.

FREE taster sessions available.

Yoga Therapy


Yoga therapy is conducted 1 on 1 and your unique path is defined aligned to your individual needs.

Complimentary to other western approaches to mind and body disorders, yoga therapy provides you with the support and a safe environment in which to heal.

Infusing the body, mind and the psyche we explore practises and techniques that will enable you to feel empowered as you make positive and lasting changes.

Our fast paced lives disconnecting us from ourselves.

Find your way back to wellness and wellbeing through a regular and committed yoga practice.

Improve the quality of your breath and breathe with awareness. 

Increase strength of body and mind and find satisfying stretches to both soothe and calm.

Rest and renew through the quieter practice of restorative yoga, relaxation, mindfulness and meditation helping to promote healing and rehabilitation.

Improve your resilience and encourage lasting change.

Through regular and committed practice you may lower blood pressure and improve/alleviate many functional disorders including fibromyalgia, irritable bowl syndrome (IBS), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), digestive disorders, menstrual discomfort and fertility issues. Muscular and skeletal issues can also be significantly improved with yoga including neck, shoulder and back pain.

Live your life - live your truth - live your true life and truly live

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About Jo

Jo spent 30 years working in the corporate world, 20 years of which was spent in investment banking as an IT Analyst. Striving hard, Jo has had yoga in her life since a teenager helping her to de-stress and better achieve.

Yoga teacher, yoga therapist and teen yoga teacher, Jo is a keen bio-mechanist and experienced in functional movement and somatics. Let go of perfection and move how nature intended.

Jo is a British Wheel of Yoga and Teen Yoga registered teacher. Registered with the Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council as a Yoga Therapist. Yoga In HealthCare Alliance accredited teacher.

Fully insured with British Wheel of Yoga, DBS safeguarded and first aid certified.

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“I go among trees and sit still 

All my stirring becomes quiet 

Around me like circles on water 

My tasks lie in their places

Where I left them, asleep like cattle” 

– Wendell Perry

Classes and Schedule

Jo teaches mindful hatha flow, viniyoga/yoga for wellness, restorative, beginners yoga and mindfulness and trauma informed yoga.

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