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hoping you're ok?  If not and you feel I could help, please reach out.

As we all progress on our paths, we are continuously learning how to adapt to our new realities. As we journey, maybe we have to let go of previous beliefs, maybe there should be some unlearning. If we unlearn, we have that wonder and curiosity towards our lives unfolding and without pre-judging.

Remembering, things are ok in the present moment. Our yoga and mindfulness giving us that reassurance again and again.

Our theme last week was self-care and feeling connected to each other with the LIVE classes.

I've now taught over 85 on-line classes and am constantly exploring new ways to engage with you all. If you sign-up for a LIVE class I feel it's vitally important for us to acknowledge each other, feel connected and share as best we can. I thank you again if you do show up for the LIVE class, helping to build the collective care which is so valuable to us all.  Understanding that whilst we share common anxieties and fears we are also experiencing our own individual realities.

Restorative last week was a pleasure to guide. Yogis connecting to each other and not doing. Untangling our knots in body and mind. Feeling supported by each other as we practised LIVE.

Letting go of what went before.

Read on for short videos of a couple of restorative poses that you may find soothing.

Plus, exciting news; I'm repeating the 5 days of mindful breathing starting this coming Monday, 19th October at 8:00 am. More information below.

Also below is some yoga-philosophy regarding achieving the state of yoga.

and finally, there's no Saturday class this coming week-end as I've had to disassemble my yoga space and turn it back into a bedroom for my dear Mum.

Normal proceedings resume from Monday of next week.

Be well yogis, take care and stay safe,

5 days of mindful breathing

Day 5

A repeat of the course I offered in early July.

Exploring the benefits of breathing with our whole body and recruiting all the muscles used in respiration.

The diaphragm is just one of those muscles and when this draws downwards, yes we feel the breath into the belly but there's so much more to explore.

Inviting you to join me for 5 days of mindful breathing/pranayama.

This course is FREE.

Each session is 20 minutes plus 10 minutes of Q&A.

Improving our breath quality is proven to improve our overall wellbeing both body and mind.  In particular, improving our heart rate variability which is widely now accepted as a key biomarker of our health.

Are you ready to commit to 5 days, Monday to Friday starting 19th October at 8:00 am?


Having signed up you will receive the zoom meeting link to attend LIVE and I will also send the recording by the end of the day to all those that have signed up, enabling you to practice at your own pace if you prefer.

If you did the course previously then you are very welcome to attend again and please pass on to anyone else that may be interested.

Restorative - Supported Forward Fold and Side Lying 

I love, love, love these poses.

Give the attached a quick watch and then explore them for yourself and let me know what you think.

I always nearly nod off in side lying - ideally, with restorative yoga we ride the liminal state without falling asleep.  However, if you do fall asleep then that's ok, please ensure though that you don't have any naked flames near to you.

In the side lying video there's little dialogue towards the end as I'm wishing you to find silence and connect to peace in the present moment.

Next restoration;

Thursday, 12th November

8:00 - 9:30 PM



Sutra chapter 1 verse 12

 Pantajali is telling us how to obtain the state of yoga

By balancing abhyasa and vairagya.

Means effort and discipline and pointing yourself in one direction – we arrive into the form and stay without force – there’s intent but no strain.

So in asana we take a form/shape, the analogy being a river – you wish to flow but you need the bank.

We don’t want one without the other - we need to contain the flow.


Embodying the philosophy

Example Triangle/Trikonasana

Traditionally we go to the right first.

Focus in trikonansa is down through the legs – feel the legs strong and active.

Back foot – grow roots into the earth – that’s your anchor – that’s your strength – that’s your power.

This is the abhyasa part of the sutra.

Take the left arm slightly up then extend and take the other arm down.

This is vairagya with the pose – the letting go but not letting go entirely else you’ll fall down.

Finding the river.

So you have the balance.

Lightness in the upper body whilst anchored to the earth.

Repeat other side.

Now do the same pose but the focus is in the hip joint.

Same approach to find the fluid flow within the containment of the pose.

Let the pelvis roll over the femur bone – the thigh bone.

Doing the pose from the hip joint.

Feel yourself softening into the pose; abhyasa and vairagya.

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