At the Brighton Yoga Festival


I was at the Brighton Yoga Festival the weekend of the 27th/28th July and the atmosphere was electric and infectious! So much going on and all donation based with the emphasis on yoga for everyone.

I’m relatively new to the South coast having landed from Guildford and this event gave me the opportunity to meet with my peers across this wonderful city. Teen and children yoga teachers teaching young people from their passionate and true selves and helping transform lives. Linking with each other is so very valuable a we move forwards with our campaign to bring yoga onto the curriculum.

The Brighton Yoga Foundation (BYF) and the team of yoga teachers here in Brighton have done a sterling job of encouraging the up-take of yoga in schools across the city and they are actively working with the local Council to encourage the take up of yoga in every secondary school across Brighton and Hove.  They have been capturing the benefits from both the student's and the parent's perspective, confirming that yoga is schools is beneficial in so many respects.

Supported by the BYF, the team have also provided countless FREE drop in yoga sessions outside of school provided across the city to bring yoga to those that otherwise would not necessarily have access.

I love talking with people about the benefits of yoga and mindfulness and I've got lots of leads to follow up on. The possibility of bringing yoga into children homes across Sussex is also hugely inspiring.  

Lots of enquiries also at the show from yoga teachers wanting to train to teach the teenagers in both yoga and mindfulness. Understanding that the need to know more about the psychology and physiology of the teen is important to be an effective teacher.  >Read More about Teen Yoga Foundation training.

Encouraging also those trained in teaching yoga to young people to register with the Yoga In Schools Agency.

Providing a systematic approach to sharpening the intellect and improving mental and physical health - Yoga-In-Schools

Going forwards we're wanting to encourage schools in West Sussex that as yet do not have yoga. We’re happy to provide FREE taster sessions for both students and teachers and generally my approach is to do away with the yoga mat in the initial taster and explore simple and fun movements with awareness. Inviting students to sense into their energy and emotions before and after the taster class so they can appreciate the benefits in body and mind. The FREE taster session for the students could be undertaken in PE or PHSE as a fun end of school term activity.

The taster sessions helping the school's decision about what to provide. Ideally introducing yoga into PE or PHSE as an initial 6/7 week course aligned to the school term. The course has clear outcomes and this is measured with the students optionally and anonymously completing before and after surveys. These results are presented back to the school so that there is clear insight and understanding of the effectiveness of the course.

We educate and the student will have yoga tools that they can use off the mat thereby encouraging the empowerment of the individual. Thereafter, more yoga could continue to be undertaken on the time-table or as an after school club or external to the school.  

We also wish to discover the children that have been off-rolled and who are now home educated. Talking with the parents at the festival, this seems to be very much needed as we know that yoga also helps create lasting and meaningful social bonds within the group. As facilitator of the group, I actively encourage this but within the comfort zone of the individual. This is paramount, we wish to create a safe and nurturing space, build trust and encourage growth from this feeling of safety. A mantra that I generally work with throughout the initial course is ‘I ground to grow’.

If you would like more information about my teen yoga offerings both students and teachers then >Read More.

If you are a school or academy wanting yoga and mindfulness then visit Yoga In Schools to get connected to your local registered yoga teacher for children and teenagers or contact the Brighton Yoga Foundation if you are Brighton or surrounding areas.  

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