4 week course.

Our next level ‘Beginners Continued’ course is for anyone who would like to revisit and discover a little more about the art of yoga moving forward with your current understanding, especially suitable for those who’ve already attended the absolute beginners course.

A structured series of classes will include mindfulness and relaxation, help you delve deeper into the foundations of yoga that will benefit your future practice and continue learning more poses. You will grow an extended understanding of how we can move intelligently, finding what feels good for your practice.

Each class will have a specific theme aligned to a functional movement of the spine, discovering that all movement originate from the spine and thinking about the body as a whole and not individual parts.

There will be opportunities to ask questions and get many hands on assists and adjustments. Complete the course with a greater sense of space and freedom, inspiring you to continue to improve your life both on and off the mat.

Courses held at Mary Ann Weeks Life Style and Spa.

Please email if you are interested in when the next course is scheduled to run.

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