This beginners plus course is for those who have completed the beginners course or for yogis who wish to understand and discover more about the art of yoga.

This course is a structured series of classes where we delve deeper into the foundations of yoga that will benefit your future practice. Understanding how we can move intelligently and find what feels good. Course will include the quieter practices of pranayama and mindfulness.

This is experiential yoga with a strong anatomical focus. Understand how your body moves in relation to gravity and feel your body making the necessary adjustments. Then apply this knowledge in some deep and challenging asana whilst knowing your limitations. The joy of unlocking stress from the body by way of intelligent movement rather than grit determination. Stay connected to the essence of yoga.

Course content

Week 1 : Rotation

Week 2 : Lateral flexion

Week 3 : Forward flexion

Week 4 : Back bends

Week 5 : Neutral spine

Complete the course with a greater sense of space and freedom in body and mind, improving your life both on and off the mat.

Please email for next course information.


Coming Home

I attended the first in the Beginners Plus five week course at the Mary Ann Weeks studio in Guildford last night. After attending several beginners courses with Jo in the past year – it was like coming home. You know more than you think you do and Jo is the perfect person to give you confidence and take you forward on your yoga journey.