6 week course

7% of the UK are now practising yoga and of the remaining, 80% are curious to try. It is now more than ever before being seen as beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing. 

Are you new to yoga, curious to try or simply wish to start over with the foundations of your practice?

Taught by senior yoga teacher and yoga therapist Jo Burningham, this is a perfect place to start or enhance your yoga journey. Beginning with the feet, our foundation in our lives.

Explore physical postures (asana), mudras and band-has, breath work (pranayama), relaxation, active restoration and mindfulness. Understand your constitution and determine the yoga that is best aligned to your needs going forwards.

We start very much with the physical and we explore pain free movement in your body. We then hold postures more as the course continues and become more mindful and settled in our practice. This is when the mind then becomes more quiet and this is one of the greatest benefits of yoga along with the physical benefits you will achieve.

It's natural if you are new to yoga to feel frustrated at the start of the course because the mind will maybe start to judge. Throughout the course you learn to let go of judgement and feel more well in body and psyche. That's not to say you won't enjoy the course. Many who have done the course then go onto and explore more yoga, drawn to either the physical or the spiritual aspects of practice. I will help and support you beyond the course to discover what you may want next either with me or another teacher.

If you are working with specific mind or body conditions then Jo can help you find comfort and ease. 

Cost : £75.

What to wear

Anything you are comfortable in and that you are able to move freely in and no… you do not have to take your socks off.

What to bring

All props are provided, just bring yourselves.

Beginners Course Enquiry

Below are some testimonials form clients who have various muscular, skeletal, functional and mental/emotional issues including fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, hip replacement, depression, stress and anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, kyphosis, stroke rehabilitation, balance and those simply wishing to lose weight and improve their wellbeing.

All on the beginners course and curious to give it a go and commit to 6 weeks with me taking care to consider their individual needs and ensuring they feel supported as they embark on their yoga journey.

Thank you for all your loveliness in helping me discover yoga - Michele

You really helped me on my yoga journey - Evie

Thank you for helping me along on my yoga journey - Alison

Thank you for introducing me to yoga.  I love it - Julia

You have helped me more than I could imagine - Gillian

You have helped us so much - Sandra and Jade

Love my journey back to yoga - Donna

I enjoy your explanations and feel that I have progressed a lot - Clive

Thank you for introducing me to yoga, I have really enjoyed the course and look forward to more - Jen

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