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  • Yoga in Healthcare
      Yoga has been seen as an effective way to combat many health conditions by many for thousands of years. Science is proving its effectiveness and […]
  • Why is teen yoga essential
    As a teen you are not an adult and yet are expected in so many ways to show maturity and to behave how others expect, Teen years are challenging and […]
  • That inner stillness thing..
    Finding that inner stillness thing So many beautiful quotes just this past week from my regular practitioners; ‘I feel calmer and my husband has noticed a […]
  • Daily pocket practice
    A daily pocket practice for first thing in the morning. 10 or 12 minutes every day will change your body, change your mind and change your life. Stay with […]
  • The power of savasana
    As we think about spring, thoughts turn to what we can let go off as we arrive into the optimism and new life that spring gives. Savasana is a powerful […]
  • Finding your yoga
    We are often striving too hard in our lives to secure success.  Driven by our will rather than our heart. Auyervedic philosophy believes we are made up of […]
  • Psoas and fertility
    The psoas muscle (pronounced so-as), otherwise known as the the mother muscle because it controls us and it’s not only a muscle, as Liz Koch says; […]
  • Improve vagal tone to lower blood pressure
    One of the yogis I had in class recently, had a surgical procedure deferred due to high blood pressure. Terribly disappointing for him since he’s […]
  • Yoga as a therapy
    “As you start to walk on the way – the way appears”  – Rumi Ammonite Pavement – Lyme Regis I have recently successfully […]
  • Sun and moon – Leading from the heart
    “My heart is burning with love. All can see this flame. My heart is pulsing with passion, like waves on an ocean. I’m at home, wherever I am. […]
  • The power of the breath
    “When the breath wanders the mind also is unsteady but when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still, and the yogi achieves long […]