A daily pocket practice for first thing in the morning. 10 or 12 minutes every day will change your body, change your mind and change your life.

Stay with the breath. Listen to your body and feel the mountains and the valleys of your body as you practice.

1. Cat/Cow

Table top

Hands slightly forward from the top of the shoulders

Lead with the pelvis

Exhale – tuck the tail then feel the movement through the spine – rounding the spine

Inhale – lift the tail bone – arch the spine but mindful not to over arch in the lumbar spine

Enlivens the muscles of the core.

Mobilises the vertebral column.

And allows us to counter the effects of sitting.

“Cat cow until the cows come home – do it until you feel content” – Mary Richards

2. Plank

Bring your forearms to the mat

Press down through the centre of your forearms and walk you legs back

10 toes curled under

Knees to the floor but keep rooting through to the heels

Lifting the knees if you wish and come to fore arm plank

Lengthen through to crown of the head

3 – 6 rounds of breath

Stay until you lose the attention to your body and the mind starts really complaining

Brings the entire body into a state of tension that we enjoy.

600 muscles in the body – all of them engaged in this pose.

3. Gentle twisting

Come to your back

Bend into the knees

Take arms out to the side of overhead and feet the width of the mat

Windscreen wiper the legs by dropping the knees to one side and the other

Feeling the hip flexor stretch

4. Eye of the needle


Taking left ankle to right thigh and hands behind right thigh and draw the right thigh in but without yanking

Feel rounding in the lower back and the stretch in the buttock

Rock on the lower back

Good for your hips and therefore good for your back.

“Remembering, never strain” – Barbara Currie

Resources :

Experiential Anatomy – Lizzie Lasater and Judith Hanson Lasater

A little yoga goes a long way - Mary Richards

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  1. Gillian Hoyle on January 15, 2019 at 12:14 pm

    I attended the first in the Beginners Plus five week course at the Mary Ann Weeks studio in Guidford last night. After attending several beginners courses with Jo in the past year – it was like coming home. You know more than you think you do and Jo is the perfect person to give you confidence and take you forward on your yoga journey.

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