As a teen you are not an adult and yet are expected in so many ways to show maturity and to behave how others expect, Teen years are challenging and exciting, a period when there should be exploration rather than conforming to expectations. Teen years are a period for establishing identity based on past, present and future events.

During adolescence, the brain and the pre frontal cortex is surging with growth. What you learn as an adolescent can carve out neurological pathways (motorways in the head) that will impact your mind and body behaviour for life. It is natural to want to push away from your parents and be with your peers. You want to belong. You want to be liked but this can mean you feel pressure to conform when this is the phase of your life when you should be exploring who you truly are.

The teenage brain needs;

  • Emotional Spark
  • Social Engagement
  • Novelty
  • Creative exploration

Yoga meets these needs and helps with;

  • finding your identity
  • feeling more acceptance and contentment
  • helping alignment and setting up patterns of movement
  • building confidence and exploring challenges with playful ease
  • becoming resilient to changes and developing a better perspective
  • reducing stress, anxiety and depression
  • feeling grounded and safe

How yoga works


So necessary during the adolescence years. The brain is learning how to move the body in the most effective and efficient way. Playful and explorative movement helping to lay down the pattern of movement. The science surrounding this is that the myelin sheath is developing and strengthening, if movement is not in your life at this critical stage of development then the myelin is not developing and there may be neurological disorders in later life as a result and movement impaired. Yoga and creative movement is fun and exhilarating. Helping to build confidence. If the body is more open then energy is flowing more freely and the body and mind can develop more fully.

Breath awareness

A gateway to soothing anxiety. Many teens breathing in the chest and this is causing many disorders. We forget how to breathe well and we are detached from the breath and the breath is more rapid. The body is over stimulated and adrenalin levels are increased and stress and anxiety builds causing us to over react. Simply being aware of the breath can shift the breathing to have greater quality and improve wellness. 


We are living in a over stimulated world. Unplug yourself from your device, your external world and just be. It takes practice and can be very challenging. Being more mindful means you make better life choices. You eat more wisely, you consider others and you take responsibility rather than blaming others for outcomes. You realise that the little things are not important and the big things become the little things.

Relaxation and restoration

Hit the pause button. Feel supported by the earth. Find peace. Rest is necessary. Rest is vital. Rest is where the body heals itself. If we are constantly on the go, the body and mind are not able to recover before there is another onslaught. We feel guilty when we rest. Society expecting us to always be performing. Take back control and listen to your needs. As a teen you get bored easily so relaxation needs to be interesting. Visualisations are a great way to encourage restoration with focus to satisfy the curiosity of the mind and to keep the mind occupied.

Are you interested in me bringing yoga into your educational space? Please contact us for further information and to check availability.

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