Finding your yoga

We are often striving too hard in our lives to secure success.  Driven by our will rather than our heart. Auyervedic philosophy believes we are made up of different doshas and this is our constitution (Prakriti).  We are most balanced and achieve the best wellness when we have balance aligned to our Prakriti.

During a homework assignment on my yoga therapy course we were tasked with establishing our Prakriti and it’s enlightening. The doshas are aligned to the elements which then align to our preference to practice.

The 3 doshas are:

Pitta – Fire and Water

Vata – Air and Ether

Kapha – Water and Earth

If you’re interested in your Prakriti then try the quiz at

Interestingly, once we understand our Prakriti, we then establish the dosha that is out of balance, our Vikrti, and we can then structure our yoga practice to better suit our needs.

Pitta excess might consider a restorative class with gentler and cooling postures. Let go of the will to succeed. Kapha excess meaning you might be feeling slow and sluggish, and would benefit from a vinyasa creative flow class to lift energy.  A class that is challenging, warming and vigorous but honouring your body and not striving for the glory poses. Vata excess would benefit from a slow and grounding flow bringing energy back to the torso from the extremities.

Above all, embracing the understanding that you are unique and your yoga needs are unique also.

Consider exploring something new to compliment what you are already doing to return your body to a more natural state of balance.

“It is not that the person needs to accommodate him or herself to yoga, but rather the yoga practice must be tailored to fit each person.” —Krishnamacharya

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