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Busy times.

September and October are generally get doing months. Back to school. Back to routine. Back to yoga. Back to prioritising our health and well-being.

I've got 4 cohorts currently undertaking the yoga4health 10 week course in St John's, Jacob's Well, Haywards Heath and Hove and another course due to start after half term in Portslade with the support of Sports England and Get Active.

That's a total of about 34 people enrolled currently and more signing up - all committed to improving their health and wellbeing.

'Feel massaged inside and out'.

I'm so very encouraged by the level of commitment and engagement onto this programme which is new and pivotal and backed by the West London NHS CCG and the College of Medicine. We're only at week 2/3/4 and attendees are already reporting change. Some stating they feel more in control, more level headed and many saying they are less stressed and 'feel massaged from the inside out'. This is so key; creating lasting change from the inside that then is reflected through to the outside and affecting who we are in the world.

Venues being queued up for 2020 include central Guildford, central Hove and Whitehawk.

Alternatively if you wish me to bring the course into your organisation as a staff well-being programme let me know.

'I need my yoga'.

Teen Yoga remains my other passion and I'm starting in-school yoga in West Sussex after half term and am getting more and more enquiries about yoga in school during the school day. Schools recognising the benefits that yoga can give both physically and mentally. Yoga improving the students ability and motivation to succeed as they recognise better their strengths and build trust in their own abilities and outcomes.

The drop-in class at St. John's on a Monday at 5:00 PM is growing steadily. I like to have this as a drop-in so the teens come because they wish to and not because they feel pressured. One of the teens last Monday said 'I need my yoga' and in making this decision his mum is so very happy. Our actions affecting others however, we are wanting our actions to align with our truth and not only act to please others else we'll feel compromised and discontented. I love that he said 'my yoga', recognising that yoga is his - he's making it his own. He is the master of his yoga.

Yoga for Stress & Anxiety

20th October | 2:00 - 4:00 PM | £30

Max 7 clients

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious?  Yoga is a useful tool in combating stress and anxiety and the perfect antidote to modern living.

Learn techniques in this 2 hour workshop that you can take into your everyday lives. Workshop includes yoga, mindfulness, breathing techniques and deep restoration with yoga nidra/yoga sleep. Leave feeling rested and renewed.

Mayflower Spa has recently opened in an iconic building in the heart of Dorking. Expect to have a sumptuous experience in a beautiful space.

Please telephone the Mayflower Spa Reception to secure your spot.


Wherever I see you next, I hope to see you soon and meanwhile, be well, be brave and be who you were born to be in this world. Shine your light.

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