Mindfulness in the workplace

A course of 6 x half hour weekly sessions to learn and experience mindfulness as a useful tool in combating stress and pressure of every day living.
Move towards positivity and increased clarity, helping you to conserve your energy and only react when it’s necessary or beneficial to do so. Learning that a controlled reaction or no reaction can result in more positive outcomes.  
Understanding that our perception of a situation is simply our mind’s view and with regular practice of mindfulness it is possible to change our perceptions. Letting go of harsh judgments – especially of ourselves which is so damaging and limiting.
The course comprises some thought provoking and often lively and entertaining discussions, improving relationships with yourself and your colleagues.
Course of 6 sessions to be held in your work place.
Please email or telephone to enquire about cost and availability.
“I go among tress and sit still 
All my stirring becomes quiet 
Around me like circles on water 
My tasks lie in their places
Where I left them, asleep like cattle” 
– Wendell Perry
“Thank you for the gift of mindfulness – it’s a life changer” – Ben, Deutsche Bank
“The positive impact that Jo’s mindfulness sessions had on the staff of the MiFID 2 programme was tangible, all of the team that attended were calmer, more contented and more enthused about themselves and their role on the programme which rubbed off on everyone else” – Cri, GFT
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