New beginners yoga on-line course starting 2nd June

Copy of Yoga for Stress & Anxiety-6

First class 2nd June

9:45 - 11:00 AM

Are you new to yoga, curious to try or simply wish to start over with the foundations of your practice?

Yoga more than ever before being seen as beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing.

Taught by senior yoga teacher and yoga therapist Jo Burningham, this is a perfect place to start or enhance your yoga journey. Beginning with the feet, our foundation in our lives.

We start very much with the physical and we explore pain free movement in your body. We then hold postures more as the course continues and become more mindful and settled in our practice. This is when the mind then becomes more quiet and this is one of the greatest benefits of yoga along with the physical benefits you will achieve.

If you are working with specific mind or body conditions then Jo can help you find comfort and ease.

Having booked you will receive a zoom meeting invitation and the payment request.

Each week you will also receive a short recording summarising the key learnings to enable you to really embed the yoga into your deep psyche.

Cost £36 for a course of 6.

Having booked you will receive the zoom meeting link and the payment instructions.

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