Overcoming fear and connecting to power, strength and passion

How are you today?

So a few changes may be to our everyday routines as we interpret the government recommendations in a way that ensures we remain responsible where possible.

I continue to take the time to look after myself a little bit better and studying and exploring new opportunities enabling me to continue on my path to somewhere..

Focus last week was overcoming fear. We do this by grounding and we repeated the warrior flow several times. United with movement and breath. Some of you have practised this with me before, it's from the viniyoga tradition and I love it because it is transformative I feel on many levels.

'Transforming our fear into power, strength and passion'

Our mantra from the teen yoga class last Thursday.

One teen yogi saying she is very much connected to her newfound passion for running.

Sending big love and respect to all of you that you are connecting to something new and transforming during this time.

The warrior flow is below if you are wanting a reminder.

For those of you that were unable to make the live classes or if you wish to repeat some of what we explored then there are some recordings up on youtube (I have overcome my fear).

 Quite a collection now and a bundle of 5 1/2 hour teen and young adult yoga recordings which I'm particularly keen to share to those that are homeschooling or enjoying some downtime before embarking on the next chapter of their lives.

The warrior flow btw, can be found on the Yoga to Overcoming Fear video at about 31 minutes in.

Going forwards, Monday AM and Tuesday EVE classes will include some sanskrit.  The Tuesday therapeutic class remains sanskrit free.

and a 3 week beginners yoga course is coming soon.  Please let me know if you are interested.

If you are able to make the live classes then please book on-line.

This week's schedule is detailed below.  We're a bit anatomical this week.  How to relieve tension in our shoulders and neck with yoga and looking in-depth at cobra, down-dog and some arm strengthening.

As always, thank you to those of you that are demonstrating a great commitment to your practice.

It's not too late to hop aboard if you are curious and wish to connect to others through yoga.  Get in touch if you would like any help or guidance or have any questions.

Be well,

If you have any queries/questions/concerns or anything yoga that you wish to discuss, please contact me. I welcome the opportunity to help and encourage you all I can as you either start or continue to explore and enrich your yoga journey.

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