Vini Yoga for Anxiety – FREE REPLAY

Passcode : X3e&9E5g

Soothing and calming an anxious mind and encouraging us to connect to points of stillness as we practice.

There is an important principle in cultivating stillness: we need a light touch.

If we are making too much effort, or if there is tension in the body, working in this way can be exhausting and counterproductive.

Can we be slower and at times still without being rigid?

When we practice in this way we connect to a deeper layer of ourselves and encourage positive change.

Changes may be quite subtle, but our awareness of the changes can become more sensitive with practice.

We sometimes say that yoga can change both our sense of being (how we experience ourselves in the space that surrounds us), and our quality of seeing (how we perceive that space).

As we practice in this way we refine the senses, the contours of our inner landscape come into gradual focus.

Fast forward to 54m for the pranayama specifically focusing on extending the exhale.

Please only extend to a count that feels comfortable.

Let me know any thoughts/questions and anything you specifically would like me to focus on in class.

and a reminder that some of us meet LIVE on a Wednesday at 8:00 AM for mindful breathing.  This is a FREE class - just 20 minutes.  Connecting to each other through breath.

Be well and hope to see you soon,

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