Ofted requires every school to actively promote and evaluate students' spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development. Yoga supports SMSC education by encouraging students to explore and reflect on life purpose, cause and effect, resilience, obstacles, relationships, feelings and emotions.

Bring yoga to your school or academy as

  • Part of the PE curriculum
  • Part of the PHSE curriculum
  • An elective in an enrichment programme
  • A lunchtime of after school club acivity
  • An intervention to maximise the achievement of disadvantaged students

"We would like to see a whole school approach to yoga in every school, supported by government initiatives. This would help teachers and students cope better with high social and academic demands and reduce pressure on the NHS (CAMHS in particular) as well as empowering teachers to deliver a wellbeing programme to their students and staff." - Teen Yoga Foundation

Teen Yoga Course


Evidence based yoga available as a course.

Learn yoga tools and techniques that will help to build resilience to stress, anxiety, depression, improve body image, poor sleep, build confidence and beat exam stress.

All attendees receive a certificate at the end of the course.

All props provided including mats, blankets and eye pillows.

Max class size 15.

Each week there is a key focus and outcome.

Yoga for School Teachers


Educating the teachers in the ancient wisdom of yoga and mindfulness.

Learn techniques you can take into the classroom to enable you and your students to calm and focus.

Let go of striving and achieving and instead be present where there is no stress and no anxiety.

Each session will include psycho-education, mindfulness, an active practice to de-stress and re-energise, breathing practises and conclude with relaxation to calm and soothe.

Please email for further information.

FREE taster session

Available in your school or academy.

Mixed group - no mats, no props, just fun and lively yoga to engage the student and determine the demand for the yoga course.

Possible to teach 40+ in one 45m session.

Before and after quick evaluation is undertaken so that the benefit of the session can be evaluated.

Great as an end of term activity.

Please email for further information.

Beat Exam Stress Workshop

Exam stress getting too much?

This workshop specifically to help learn tools to beat exam stress.

Rid feelings of stress and anxiety, whilst learning really useful tools to help in every day life and whilst in the exam. Learn how you can change your perspective on a situation and carve out a different outcome.



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Why is teen yoga essential

As a teen you are not an adult and yet are expected in so many ways to show maturity and to behave how others expect, Teen years are challenging and exciting, a period when there should be exploration rather than conforming to expectations. Teen years are a period for establishing identity based on past, present…


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