An evidence based course for students new to yoga or wishing to deepen their practice.

Each week will be an opportunity to learn but also to let go. Enjoy some fun and flowing yoga then find some rest and some relaxation.

Learn yoga tools and techniques that will help with resilience, reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Improve body image, poor sleep, build confidence and beat exam stress.

All students are requested to take part in an anonymous survey both before and after the course. These responses are presented back to the school/academy so clear insight and understanding of the specific benefits of the course can be understood.

All attendees receive a certificate at the end of the course.

Please email if you are interested in bringing this 6/7/8 week course into your school or academy.

All props provided including mats, blankets and eye pillows.

Course content

The course has been carefully constructed to ensure maximum benefit. A layered approach is taken. We start with more of a physical practice in the initial weeks and then we build from this foundation. Slowly introducing more mindfulness and some phycho-education. Each week has a key learning and outcome.

Course comprises;

  • Grounding - Feel supported, focusing on the breath and understanding our posture and how posture affects breath.
  • Creativity - Flow with some dynamic yoga.Pulsate with some rhythmic tunes and lose some inhibitions. 
  • Strength - Find your willpower to succeed in overcoming challenges.
  • Love - Develop self love, stop the inner critic and recognise your qualities.
  • Voice - Make some noise and find the courage to speak your truth without fear or judgement.
  • Intuition - Understand who you are, set intentions and feel empowered. Take back control and move forwards with new insight and understanding.

Who does yoga appeal to

Sporty students do yoga to develop performance in their game.

Non sporty people like yoga because it’s a non-competitive way to keep active.

Some practise it to increase stamina, strength and confidence in relation to their body as it grows and changes.

Most enjoy relaxation and flexibility exercises which promote emotional and physical wellbeing.

Students with special educational needs enjoy and benefit from stretching and relaxation.

Course cost

Rates vary depending on course length and class duration. A fixed fee is determined regardless of the number of students up to (and not exceeding) 15.  

Course cost includes a certificate for each student.

All props are provided.


This feedback relates specifically to the Teen Yoga Course provided by Jo Burningham Yoga in Q1 2019. This feedback is part of a national study being undertaken by the Teen Yoga Foundation.

48 students - all of which are new to yoga. Course was duration 6 weeks. Class duration 100 minutes. Class undertaken during PE. Year 10 and Year 11 students elected to take part in the course.


The number of students that reported feeling nervous/stressed as fairly often/very often decreased from 88.57% to 52.78%

Ability to cope

The number of students that reported feeling unable to control the important things in their life as never/almost never has increased from 19.44% to 33.33%

Angered by things

The number of students that reported feeling angered because of things that were outside of their control as fairly often/very often has decreased from 47.22% to 17.14%

Feeling useful

Thoughts of feeling useful often/all of the time have increased from 30.56% to 54.29%

Ability to deal with problems

Being able to deal with problems often/all of the time has increased from 25% to 47.22%

Ability to think clearly

Thinking clearly often/all of the time has increased from 36.11% to 44.44%

Physical health

46% somewhat agree that their physical health has improved as a result of yoga

21% strongly agree that their physical health has improved as a result of yoga

Mental Health

60% somewhat agree that their mental health has improved as a result of yoga

25% strongly agree that their mental health has improved as a result of yoga


45% somewhat agree that they have changed their lifestyle as a result of yoga

8% strongly agree that they have changed their lifestyle as a result of yoga


40% somewhat agree that their stress levels have improved as a result of yoga

33% strongly agree that their stress levels have improved as a result of yoga


28.57% of students reported that their sleep was good and above before the course and this has increased to 40% after the course

Closeness to others

61.11% of students reported that they felt close to others often/all of the time before and this increased to 72.22% after

Survey Ethics

The students agreed to take part in this anonymous survey and the school agreed to it being undertaken. This survey was conducted as feedback and not official research (ie. there was no control group). For more information on the ethics of this survey please contact

Student Testimonials

Helps me to relax

It helps me to relax at the end of a long stressful week at school.  It also helps to take a break from the pressure of lessons and exams.

More flexible

I am much more flexible which helped my dance.  I also know how to slow my breathing when having panic attacks.  I have also had a lot less mental breakdowns.

Less distracted

My physical body has improved.  Also, I feel more relaxed after yoga.  I have been able to be less distracted.

Number of panic attacks have declined

I feel stronger physically and mentally. My number of panic attacks has declined. I can give and take more love.

Stay calm and relax

I have started to practice outside of lessons and using it to stay calm and relax.  

Physical outlet

It's a good physical outlet that's easy to do anywhere. It has helped me to relax more in hard times.

Good physical work

Feeling more calm, look forward to them, relaxing but also good physical work.

More energy

It has been a break in-between leasons which gives me more energy and motivation for the afternoon.


Feeling happy more often - being grateful

Feel refreshed and ready

I have let out my stress really well, so I feel refreshed and ready afterwards.

Enjoyed it

I really enjoyed it and I would definitely do it again.

I am proud

The teacher was lovely and so kind.  As a beginner she did not make you feel inferior.  I am proud.

The best thing I have done

It was the best thing I have ever done within school.

All schools should include it

Loved it. All schools should include it, especially during the GCSE period.

Incredible experience

It was an incredible experience and I wish I could do it more often as it's time for me to relax whilst at a school week. It has really helped.

I can overcome stress

Made me realise I can overcome some stresses I have.

Kind and helpful

Really kind and helped with lots of things. All schools should have the option.

Feel safe

The community of class is lighthearted and relaxing, you feel safe and comfortable. 

Throroughly enjoyable

I've thoroughly enjoyed it both mentally and physically.

Good and calm teacher.