That inner stillness thing..

Finding that inner stillness thing

So many beautiful quotes just this past week from my regular practitioners;

‘I feel calmer and my husband has noticed a difference’ 

‘I feel more open and I have more confidence’ 

‘I love the spirituality and philosophy that you incorporate into your classes’ 

‘I love the music, it’s part of it for me’ 

‘I feel a connection to the inner stillness thing’ 

Ahha, that ‘inner stillness thing’. What is that? I call it the big magic. You connect to that inner stillness thing when you connect fully I feel to being in the state of yoga. Yoga is not about doing. Yoga is about being. Being fully present and really listening to your body. Getting out of your head. Medical science now fully understanding the benefits of yoga and mindfulness. Yoga is unique. Yes, it’s physical but as a regular practitioner of yoga, it’s not the physical that gives the greatest benefit. In our over stimulated word, it’s that connection to the ‘inner stillness thing’ that gives us the ability to re-base line. Letting go of stress and anxiety. Feeling more satisfied with our lives and more satisfied with our relationships with ourselves and others.

As a regular practitioner of yoga, you feel it. Your class is a journey. The physical aspect of your practice is a gateway to your higher self. It stills/quiets the mind. The mind is satisfied through your physical practice and then the practice shifts into a different gear. The practice becomes more contemplative. I generally let go of the music at this point in class. I give less verbal queues. I allow the practitioner to find their inner self. If I keep talking then I’m keeping them external.  Yoga is a journey inward. A deep connection to that ‘inner stillness thing’.

Yoga gives us that ability to live in peace with ourselves and if we can achive that, then we live in peace with everyone.

Yoga is union, union with yourself, your mind, your body and your higher self. Union also with others. We need a connection with others to feel whole. When you practice in class then you feel a connection to the other practitioners. Often breathing as one.

I love being your guide. Helping you to find your vibration. Helping you to shine and connect to your true nature.

I truly thank you for all your beautiful comments and I look forward to continuing to grow as a teacher and as a practitioner of yoga also.

I teach you my yoga, you develop your yoga and you find your big magic and that inner stillness thing that we need more than ever at this time when our lives are so over stimulated.

Let go of doing yoga. Enjoy feeling yoga and that inner stillness thing.

Sutra references;

Chapter 1, verse 2 – yogas citta vrtti nirodhah : yoga is a state in which the mind’s agitations are resolved

Chapter 1, verse 3 – tada drastuh svarupe vasthanam : and then the seer abides in its own true nature

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