The power of savasana

As we think about spring, thoughts turn to what we can let go off as we arrive into the optimism and new life that spring gives. Savasana is a powerful pose. Translated to mean corpse pose. I love to give you at least 5 minutes at the end of class in this mightily transformative state of relaxation. I guide you in and then you have stillness, just you and your breath and your body and your mind. Let go of doing. What can you get rid of ready for your rebirth when your savasana comes to completion?  In my experience, the savasana can be the most challenging of postures in our yoga practice. Busy minds often hijaking our enjoyment. That's ok. If this happens gently guide yourself back to your breath and as you leave the relaxation we spend time in meditation - just a few breaths. Connecting to your true self. You seemingly leave class with renewed optimism for your lives ahead. You generally are lighter and brighter. You created this by taking a few minutes to rest and renew.

You can create savasana for yourselves in your own environment, maybe this is what you need more of in your lives. A simple reboot, a rebirth, a let go of the burden and a chance to reconnect.

To further promote healing in body and mind and more ahhhhh in your savasana; an eye pillow is a must. The light weight of the eye pillow on and around the eyes helping encourage the parasympathetic nervous system to be stimulated. Encouraging rest and digest rather than fight, flight or freeze and laced with an essential oil, take your savasana to another level and feel connected to the anandamaya kosher - the bliss body. Ideally resting for 15 - 20 minutes for the greatest benefit.

Remembering the words of Steven Hawking;

"However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at."

Find more time for savasana - you can do this and succeed at it and it'll give you space in your body and your minds to greater succeed in other aspects of your lives.


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