Why is Teen Yoga Essential

As a teen you are not an adult and yet are expected in so many ways to show maturity and to behave how others expect, Teen years are challenging and exciting, a period when there should be exploration rather than conforming to expectations. Teen years are a period for establishing identity based on past, present and future events.

During adolescence, the brain and the pre frontal cortex is surging with growth. What you learn as an adolescent can carve out neurological pathways (motorways in the head) that will impact your mind and body behaviour for life. It is natural to want to push away from your parents and be with your peers. You want to belong. You want to be liked but this can mean you feel pressure to conform when this is the phase of your life when you should be exploring who you truly are.

The teenage brain needs;

  • Emotional Spark
  • Social Engagement
  • Novelty
  • Creative exploration

Yoga meets these needs and helps with;

  • finding your identity
  • feeling more acceptance and contentment
  • helping alignment and setting up patterns of movement
  • building confidence and exploring challenges with playful ease
  • becoming resilient to changes and developing a better perspective
  • reducing stress, anxiety and depression
  • feeling grounded and safe

Who does yoga appeal to

Sporty students do yoga to develop performance in their game.

Non sporty people like yoga because it’s a non-competitive way to keep active.

Boys practise it to increase stamina, strength and confidence in relation to their body as it grows and changes.

Girls enjoy relaxation and flexibility exercises which promote emotional and physical wellbeing.

Students with Special Educational Needs enjoy and benefit from stretching and relaxation.

The results are in

Recent taster sessions at a Woking school where 340+ students participated in yoga showed significant benefits. We know yoga works but these graphs show visually the improvement after a single 1 hour session with the 2 separate charts showing the perceived positive and negative emotional states before and after yoga;


  • Students reported an increase in feeling relaxed and calm after yoga
  • Other emotions including feeling happy, safe and healthy also significantly improved
  • Debilitating emotions including feeling tense, anxious significantly decreased after yoga
  • Feeling tired and heavy also decreased after yoga Yoga is energisingand not depleting despite being physical exercise
  • Small proportion of students experiencing physical pain and all boys. Likely due to less flexibility therefore more perceived pain
  • Boys are stronger in their arms and so focus more on strength building and less on flexibility however, flexibility is important to improve alignment and release tension in the body which in turn will release tension in the mind
  • Boys are more competitive and are to be encouraged to practice within their safe limits – let go of the ego

Teen Yoga Course

Enrolment is now open for a 6 week course starting Friday, 11th January 2018 at St. John's Memorial Hall, St John's Lye, Woking, GU21 7SQ.

4:00 - 5:00 PM | £50

6 weeks of fun yoga including mindfulness. Lots to explore together. Tools to help with stress, anxiety, poor sleep and also tips to help beat exam stress.

Feel empowered - take back control.

Connect to peace, love and wisdom.

Jo is DBS and Safeguard certified.  Is trained in First Aid and is fully  insured with Brith Wheel of Yoga.

"Research has shown that the number of young people reporting feelings of depression and anxiety is rising and there is a trend for the rates of these disorders to increase in the transition between childhood and adolescence" - Amy Morgan, Institute of Psychological Sciences, University of Leeds

I started yoga over 3 months ago and I have noticed a dramatic change in my flexibility. I started doing yoga for my D of E bronze and have continued it even though my course has finished. When I first came to yoga I was ridiculously inflexible but after only a few weeks I noticed my flexibility improving.

Not only is yoga good for strength, it is also amazing for stress relief. I am in year 10 and I have found that when I am preparing to enter an exam and I am nervous the breathing I learnt really helps me stay calm.

Yoga is really beneficial for you. It is about making your muscles stronger and your body more flexible. It has the same benefits as going to the gym but less stressful.

You see improvements in yourself when you’re competing in sport. You can move faster.

Yoga is like time out space in the middle of the week to take you away from exam stress and everything. You can put things to one side for about an hour and it’s really helpful.

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