Exam stress getting too much?

This workshop specifically to help learn tools to beat exam stress.

Rid feelings of stress and anxiety, whilst learning really useful tools to help in every day life and whilst in the exam.  Learn how you can change your perspective on a situation and carve out a different outcome.

Learning to trust and to ground despite being very much in your head at this time.  Find techniques that work and that you can take with you into the exam room to help you focus and to calm the mind.

An opportunity to learn without pressure, but also to really let go. Enjoy some fun and flowing yoga then find some rest and some relaxation.

Workshop includes a take home gift that can be taken into the exam room.

Thrive | Embrace | Trust

Please email if you are interested.

Love the teen I got back from the workshop.  He’s calm, he’s studying and he’s happy

The girls loved it and would like to do more

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