Yoga is a useful tool in combating stress and anxiety. Our bodies go into the fight or flight loop to enable us to run from our predators. Vital for our survival. However, modern living is causing us to go into this stress loop frequently. Adrenalin increases and blood is pumped to our vital organs preparing us to run for our lives.

Reality is, however, that our lives are not in danger but our bodies are preparing for action as a result of our minds being stressed. Our anxiety increases. Our breathing changes, we start breathing more quickly, more shallow and more inhale rather than exhale. Our bodies wanting more oxygen to fuel our muscles as we prepare to run. but we’re not needing to run.. we’re often sat at our desks reading an email, taking a phone call or simply frustrated by our environment and the behaviour of others.

Let’s readdress the balance. Let’s take control of the mind. Let’s learn yoga techniques to break the stress cycle. Calm the mind and return the body to a more balanced state.

Learn techniques in this 2 hour workshop that you can take into your everyday lives. Recognise your behaviour. Change your behaviour. Train your mind.

This workshop includes mindfulness, a physical yoga practice, and deep restoration. Leave feeling rested and renewed.

For more information and for upcoming workshop details please contact us.

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