Yoga for teens

A 3 week course

Discover how yoga can help you through tough phases of your lives.

Find your inner self and inner harmony is this chaotic world and understand your true nature.

Release some stress and anxiety and learn some useful tools that you can take with you and into your everyday lives.

We’ll focus on the lower body, the heart and then the head in this 3 week course.

Each week will be an opportunity to learn but also to let go.  Enjoy some fun and flowing yoga then find some rest and some relaxation.

"I started my yoga journey when I was 13 with a home practice and then at about 16 I was fortunate to be taught by both Ruth White and Barbara Currie.  I’m probably the age Barbara was when I went to her class and here I am wishing to share the gift of yoga to the teens as it was such a life saver for me during their turbulent years."


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