A 6 week course in the workplace.

At a time and a duration suitable to you and your colleagues.

Sedentary life style is causing a lot of issues in our everyday lives. We get plugged into our desk and forget to move.

Learn the importance of moving regularly and conducting a regular body scan of yourself. Explore natural/mindful movement and how yoga can improve your everyday life and well being, counteracting the effects sitting has on our bodies and our emotional state.

A nourishing practice where we work through the body. Learning techniques that you can take away from your mat. Improving posture, helping with stiffness in your shoulders, pain in your neck, upper back, wrists, forearm and  back. Using yoga as a tool to also help with tension headaches and eye strain.

  • The practice will start with some yin postures to open our bodies and release tension
  • Then body awakening, targeting specific problem areas
  • We’ll then increase our internal heat with some flowing yoga building strength, flexibility and body awareness
  • Followed by a warm down sequence
  • Then rest and renew with deep restoration and guided relaxation
 Please email or telephone to enquire about cost and availability.

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