The Yoga In Healthcare Alliance (Yoga4Health) Programme is an NHS endorsed 10 week course to lower stress and improve relaxation skills thereby improving mental health, and help people with pre-diabetes, obesity, patients at risk of heart disease or anyone wishing to connect with others and improve their wellness and wellbeing.  This is accessible yoga for all.  10 weeks giving you the opportunity to really make positive change.  Course fee includes course manual and online videos to support you on your journey.  Practice within your safe limits either on a chair or on the mat.

Along with the physical practice (with options given to suit you individually), we talk about the psychological benefits of yoga - we call this psycho ed and towards the end of each class you are invited to discuss aspects of your practice that you might have found challenging as well as discussing the benefits.  Sharing with each other is so deeply valuable - supporting each other and meaning that the yoga course becomes a shared experience and of course.. each class includes deep relaxation.

Booking now at St John's Memorial Hall, Woking, GU21 7SQ.  10 weeks (no class 28th October).  Starting Monday, 23rd September 2019.  9:45 - 11:45 AM.  £130.  Max number 15.

If you are wanting the course but with a fewer number of people, maybe the Willow Sanctuary, Jacobs Well, GU4 7PP course appeals to you more.  10 weeks (no class 28th October).  Starting Monday, 30th September 2019.  1:30 - 3:30 PM.  £160.  Max number 7.

Coming soon also to Haywards Health, Lewes, Brighton & Hove.  

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Or click below to book St John's or Jacob's Well.

If you can breathe - you can do yoga

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